Server is still here

Be sure you use the dynamic dns setting. Stormy weather has caused a few ip changed over the last month.  PM me on the forum is you see it down, I can get to it pretty quick.

Nav has done a lot of work on Henchmen and Randall has been working on the other lands.

What do yo

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Large update coming today. - Done

I have been working on a modernization and reorganization of our scripts.  Over the last few years they have been hacked and patched together from a variety of different people mostly concerned with just getting them working. This has lead to a somewhat jumbled mess, that I have decided to try

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New realm changes coming

Randall is working hard enable all the alternate realms. Its a ton of work, and he has been doing some trial and error stuff on a test server. When its ready, it will involve a few hours down time. And it maybe necessary to move any housing you may have placed. Stay tuned for more details and instru

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New client is here - Live

We have moved to 7.0.18. This is the latest client that we can possibly use. It is quite an upgrade, and will allow us to use new stuff in the future. As with anything new, there is bound to be minor things that we don't like but over all it should be a good experience once we start using the n

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Lots of new fixes..

Many thanks to Randall for the slew of fixes added today. I am still working out a few bugs in the new client.

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