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Author Topic: Large update coming today. - Done  (Read 3371 times)


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Large update coming today. - Done
« on: January 11, 2014, 01:29:06 PM »
I have been working on a modernization and reorganization of our scripts.  Over the last few years they have been hacked and patched together from a variety of different people mostly concerned with just getting them working. This has lead to a somewhat jumbled mess, that I have decided to try and clean up. Along the way I will bring in the new client and pol features. Luckily for us, the base of our scripts are the same as WOD.  I have to give props to Agata from WOD for doing such a great job bringing her scripts up to date. She is an amazing programer and WOD scripts have helped a great deal in this effort.

I still have many things to do, but this is the first start.

When the server comes back up.

New in game email system.   .email
Client Buff icons will now appear when your buffed.
Damage will appear over head  .notifyDamage to toggle
Better handling of single clicks, including new single click context  menus for henchies and some npcs.  There is a client option to only show menu when shift is held down.
Over haul and reorg of npc AI.
Hechies: orders is now command, combat setup is now just setup, options is gone.
Tames will hide again and are a bit more responsive
Ressing by bandage should not lock you out for so long.
New menu added to alchemy, not quite the level of the other crafting menus yet, but close. Potion books are rendered useless by the new menu.

Please be on the lookout for bugs in potions. Its hard to make that many changes and not mess something up.

I have touched each spell in the game, so please be sure to test all your spells. Necros let me know if any do not work.

Warning the reorg of the AI and combat means that somethings are smarter than they used to be, and some things may hit harder.  Please post any reports of oddities.

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