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Author Topic: New client is here - Live  (Read 3283 times)


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New client is here - Live
« on: December 29, 2013, 10:54:46 PM »
We have moved to 7.0.18. This is the latest client that we can possibly use. It is quite an upgrade, and will allow us to use new stuff in the future. As with anything new, there is bound to be minor things that we don't like but over all it should be a good experience once we start using the newer art work and even the custom house building tools.

Download the Ackadia Client file in the download section. It is not an installer. Simply use 7zip to uncompress the Ackadia directory anywhere you want it. Then launch the client.exe file in the Ackadia directory to play. You should remove your old version of the game. The desktop link you currently have will not work.

For those of you that use UOAM, we have posted a UOAM.7z as well.   The old uoam will not work with the new files. If you use Razor, Ryudo updated his Razor guide.

This map has the destroyed version of Magincia, so please bear with us as we clean up all the old trash.  If you find any map glitches please let us now.

Ry took the fancy colored spell icons from the old client we were using and made a patch to add them to ours. Download AckadiaSpellGumpPatch and just over write the existing 2 files in the Ackadia directory.
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